Wednesday, April 12, 2017

4 months a Sappington!

Annika saw me getting ready to write on our sign tonight and immediately knew what it meant and what number we were going to write on it! She was so excited and it warmed my heart with her happy reaction! It was picture time and she posed all on her own and I went with it. :-)

4 months since we first saw her in person...4 months since she walked into that Civil Affairs room, so scared and inconsolable for many hours afterwards... what an amazing transformation these past 4 months. What an amazing kid she is and I am so proud and honored to be her momma. 

As of today, she loves all things baseball. She can now count to over 130 in English. She recognizes many of her alphabet letters, and can even read the word GO in English.  Her favorite food is still noodles. She is quick to smile and laugh.  She's a pro on her scooter (she was so wobbly when she first came home). She loves to be outdoors and play with anyone who will join her. Her kind heart and sincerity continue to show more and more, and she is blossoming with each passing week. 

God is good. 
Happy 4th month anniversary, our dear precious Annika. You are dearly loved!